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Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Dentistry in the current climate has its challenges for both dentists and patients. Particularly for those already slightly nervous or apprehensive about visiting the dentist, I recognise that the additional measures and PPE will be new and may feel unknown. So let this blog talk you through some of the key measures to put you at ease as you see your dentist this new year.


Let’s start with an easy one; masks! Your dentist has always worn a mask (as much for your benefit when getting up close, as for ours!). The difference in the current COVID-era is that you’ll be wearing one too - you’ll be asked to wear your mask when arriving at the practice, in the seating area and when moving about your dental centre before and after your appointment. This isn’t any different from going to the supermarket. And as soon as you’re settled in the dental chair, you’re clear to remove your mask. We will, of course, continue to wear our masks around you as normal and you may notice us change to a different type of mask when undertaking certain treatments to protect our health as we come into contact with you and undertake the treatment in your mouth. A transparent visa may also be used as an added layer.

Oli Hinton PPE


If you are undergoing some treatment, you may also notice your dentist donning a gown. We’re not talking a Cinderella style ball gown here; we’re talking a fluid resistant gown which we wear for your treatment only before it’s laundered. This is one for the ways we keep ourselves clean throughout the day and you can be reassured that the environment you’re treated in is decontaminated between each patient.

What you won’t see

For as many changes and protection measures you do see, there will be many more that you won’t! The most significant of these adjustments are to the cleaning practises to decontaminate the room before and after your appointment. We now leave the surgery for an extended period prior to completing the decontamination process to allow any potential aerosol to settle.

These are just a few of the measures you may notice when interacting with your dentist directly and there are many more in the reception and waiting areas that your local practice will have adopted to keep you safe in the current environment. If in doubt or should you wish to find out more about the changes or measures you’re likely to see, please contact your dental centre directly and I can guarantee they’ll be more than happy to talk you through what they have in place.

Dr. Oli Hinton has grown a reputation for gentle dentistry and professional and calm approach which will put even the most nervous patient at ease. To enquire about his services, get in touch via the contact form.

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